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Tiny Mountain Lager

These crushable cans feature a truly unique brew with deep Vermont roots. Tiny Mountain is a light, refreshing lager highlighted by the enjoyable sweetness of locally-harvested honey from Champlain Valley Apiaries.

This family-owned operation, located near our brewery in Middlebury, Vermont, is run by a third-generation beekeeper who carries a rich heritage of innovation and sustainable agriculture. Throughout the company’s history, they’ve earned the reputation for producing a hearty strain of honeybee that thrives in Vermont’s harsh climate.

Man smoking a beehive with bee smoker

High-quality honey from rugged bees falls in line with the deep heritage of The Shed Brewery, making Champlain Valley Apiaries’ honey an obvious choice to balance a smooth, complex malt profile that features oats and rye.

Open beehive with heart painted on middle box

The result is a laid-back lager designed to be enjoyed throughout our community and beyond. Find in 15-packs of 12oz. cans in Vermont; in 12oz. bottles in our Mountain Mixer variety packs and in 16oz. cans in our Full Cord variety pack outside of the Green Mountain State.

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